Writing Effective Introductions to Original research Papers

The introduction to original research papers is an important part of research paper writing. Therefore, writers should endeavor to find out all requirements to make the most of their writing efforts. There are rules and guidelines that can help you with this kind of writing. It will help you a lot to know the specifics before writing your work.

An introduction to your research paper is very essential. It gives the impression of everything else. Therefore, you must get it right. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Take a Wide approach but Narrow down towards the end. Look at broad research at the beginning and then take a narrower approach as you come to the end of your introduction. Take the reader on a journey before arriving at your destination.
  2. Highlight the significance and aim of the research. Your introduction should tell the reader why you are writing the research paper. These details should be well-captured to cultivate interest among readers. The aim of the research should be clear from the start.
  3. Provide enough citations. Don’t leave your introduction without citations. Provide a meaningful reference to your topic as part of the reasons why you are writing the paper. It will help you enhance the credibility of your topic and research.
  4. Don’t Give many citations for a single point. Even though citations are a good idea, too many of them will congest your writing. Therefore, stick to just a few in your references to past research and studies.
  5. Provide clear research questions and hypotheses. Research questions and/or hypotheses help to guide your writing. Therefore, make sure they are clear in the introduction. They will help develop your paper.
  6. Provide a general overview. Even though the introduction is just a part of the full paper, give the reader an idea of what the paper will capture. A general overview will help readers have a picture in their mind about your topic.
  7. Be Brief and Succinct. Your introduction should be as short as possible. Don’t bombard the reader with a lot of information. Just be clear with what you need to do but make sure there is enough information to make your readers understand.
  8. Show your research efforts. Don’t Narrate. Help readers connect with what you are saying. Don’t talk about your topic. Readers should see the essence of writing your research paper from the introduction.  
  9. Avoid too many details. A lot of information can demoralize and bury your readers. Therefore, keep it simple and share details sparingly.
  10. Confirm Journal requirements. There are specific requirements for different journals. Your work will become a lot easier if you can easily identify with these requirements and follow them. There is enough information to help you get started from the stipulated guidelines.

Final Advice 

Writing an effective introduction for an original research paper should be done carefully. You should endeavor to win the attention of your audience by capturing important aspects of everything about the paper. These important aspects will help you succeed in writing a high-quality introduction for your paper.

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